In order to optimise the profitability of your VR centre, you have to maximise your income while minimising your expenses.

To achieve this, we have designed a system that is unique in the world, making it possible to play our free roaming and room scale experiences in the same physical play areawith the same equipment and same installation.

Thanks to this setup, you can offer 2 types of gaming experiences (free roaming and room scale), thus substantially increasing the appeal of your service to encourage customers to come back.

Using the same equipment and play area for these 2 types of experiences enables you to keep your investment and rent to a minimum.

This means that the added value of our solution is not just thanks to our exclusive catalogue of 4 unique collaborative games (2 free roaming and 2 room scale) but also the provision of a technical setup that allows each of our partners to optimise their economic arrangements.

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