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At the beginning of the project, there is the will of Escape Yourself (première franchise d’Escape Game française), de créer un Escape Game VR basé sur le Nautilus de Jules Verne, dans un esprit Steampunk. Ce choix permettait d’offrir une expérience visuelle riche, de haute qualité graphique, répondant au standards qualitatifs des jeux vidéos grand public. Mais également de se démarquer clairement des expériences concurrentes, en proposant une ambiance originale, soignée, dont les mécaniques de jeux sont systématiquement collaboratives et respectent les codes de l’Escape Game.

Steampunk style

Steampunk is inspired by the Industrial Revolution with a poetic approach. This style is highly recognized by the specific materials it uses : copper, bronze, leather, and by the omnipresence of mechanics : pipes, valves, pumps, dials, levers. We also find muted atmosphere and orangey colors.

This abundance of details was a real technical challenge. Indeed the virtual reality always looks after optimisation. So we had to watch constantly the performance indicators to build a game with :

  • a lot of details therefore a lot of objects, decorations…
  • a huge subtlety of materials
  • lots of atmospheric effects which use a plenty of resources

We worked with two illustrators and concept artists named Ronan Toulhoat and Julien Carette. They drew the characters and the environments. Then the Myoken’s 3D artists brought them to life.

A true escape game

A virtual and a real escape game work both on the ability to immerse players inside a rich world in a limited time. With this game, players can live a real storyline in the Jules Verne’s world. They discover it in the company of Nemo’s voice, captain of the Nautilus.

“Nautilus VR, the last captain’s secret”is not a video game but an escape game enriched by the options of virtual reality.That was our guideline throughout the project. So the players have to search, decode, find symbols, open trapdoors, activate buttons and levers… They also need to think and work together to figure out the mysteries.

Even if it respects the escape game’s rules, our game goes beyond and offers 3D animations, gameplays,meetings, handlings which are impossible in a real escape game nowadays.

The experience is quite accessible. It is based on thought not on warlike approach so everyone can do it. You don’t need to be a video game player. The game is pleasant and interesting at every ages.

In concrete terms

“Nautilus VR, the last captain’s secret” can be played from two to four players. They are divided in two groups which take place in two different rooms. Then they wear a wireless virtual reality device. The game was designed to avoid the motion sicknesseven for the most sensitive people.

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