About ISS rescue

Your team comes to take the place of the International space station‘s (ISS) crew. You also bring two new units, inside your space shuttle, that you have to dock on the ISS. This mission should be easy. However in space everything can turn in a few second !

  • a collaborative mission in which the players can talk to each other
  • until 40 minutes of game according to the players’ dexterity
  • from one to six players dans une session de jeu
  • a backoffice for managing unlimited game sessions at the same time


I – WAY # https://www.i-reality.fr/ 
-> Location at Lyon (18 rooms)
-> Location at Paris (20 rooms)


I-Way, is an indoor game area specialized on top of the range simulators (car, bike, plane, escape game) to BtoB and BtoC . The company has wanted to expand his range with a new virtual reality activity.

ISS Rescue is the first game of this new departement. Several goals guided the design : technology to be in sync with the DNA of the company, an extraordinary and inaccessible place but real, a realistic adventure in which everything is true, a high-quality graphic design but very maximized, a collaborative experience.

The experience

The cinema was our first inspirationwith movies such as Gravity and Appollo 13. Their scenarios were very efficient and easy to understand.Our main purpose was to get a high pace and to accentuate the feelings.

To reach this goal we worked on different ways. The music is very important for creating athmospheres and intensifying the feelings. We also wrote a very diversified scenario for keeping the players’ focus. First quiet moments for testing the tools and understanding the situation. Then a contemplation time in front of a sunrise. And suddendly the disaster. After that the “stress” set in during the emergency repairs. In the same way, the gameplay gameplay mix precision, agility, thought, shoot. The purpose is to offer a very rich adventure on all fronts.

The moving of the player was another concern. It have to be natural and without motion sickness.We used different methods to reach this goal : control of speed moving, comfort of the path with a system of spline which marks the way to go.

Obviously the graphic design quality was also at the centre of our attention for offering the best immersion we could do. As always,Unreal Engine is our favorite partner for its high-capacity. But beauty is nothing without performance. And the target of 90 fps was achieved ! An essential way to avoid motion sickness too.

Technically, the game works on a local computer network for assuring security and stability.The sofware components for a web network already exist but not for a local network. Therefore we had to develop new software components specially for local use.

The backoffice

C’est la partie immergée de l’iceberg mais au combien stratégique. En effet le projet I-Way se caractérise par l’huge using and maximal flexibility need. 18 rooms can be used in the same time and the crews can be from one to six players. : 18 boxs pouvant tourner en même temps avec des combinaisons d’équipe aléatoires de 1 à 6 joueursSo we developed a backoffice made to measure which works also on the local network.

It allows to create and start the game sessions. The game manager can enter in the session for helping a player who needs help. It also manages the stock of computing equipment : turn on, turn off, hours of use. This software is the cornerstorn of this daily intense using.


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