Our skills

Our multidisciplinary team gathers all the virtual reality and augmented reality skills for designing unique experiences. Video games, marketing campaign, events, we have two goals : designing efficient and entertaining experiences..

Since 2006 , Myoken works with very diversified companies : leisure activities businesses (I-way, Escape Yourself),brands (Ferrero, Poliakov, Butagaz …), banks/insurances (Crédit Agricole, Allianz, Groupama…), manufacturers (Alstom, Manitou, Cooper standard…), communications and events agencies (Auditoire, Havas, Publicis…)

# director

First link in the process,he creates the soul and the originality of each project. Concept, graphic design, storyline, script, gameplay, budget, schedule,he is the conductor who assures the success of each experience.      .

# engineers

Our engineers are specialized in design and developement of real time interaction. Well-versed in virtual reality and video games constraints, they develop our experiences with Unreal Engine 4which is an key-element in our quality procedure. Our team is distinguished by its in-depth skills and also by its passion for the creation of immersive worlds.

# art director

He brings the director’s view to life. He develops, enriches and guarantees the graphic world consistency of each projectHe is a creative and also an expert with a huge graphic knowledge. Thanks to him, each experience we make is unique and such different than the others we produced. Thanks to him, each project achieves a high-level of consistency.  He embodies the hallmark of excellence Myoken has chosen for all its creations.

# 3D artists

Our 3D artists are specialized in real-time 3D design. It involves very specific skills like for our engineers. An experience must be beautiful but also very smooth. Therefore their task is to design the most realistic settings and to guarantee an 90 i/s FPS ! ! A true daily challenge they achieve with verve.

# sound designers

Musics, sound effects, voices-over… sound is essential for the quality of immersion. Conveyor of feelings, it brings magic. That’s why we hardly work on it for each project. We are guided by film-making approach for giving pace and for alternating feelings in order to make an impact.

Our story

2006 # set up of Myoken

First, Myoken was a web company which provided websites and webmarketing services for companies : corporate websites, event websites, marketing digital campaigns . We were especially specialised in interactive websites. We won a Dope award for one of our real-time 3D website.

2009 # integration of augmented reality

Technological innovation is a huge part of Myoken’s DNA. Business intelligence is organised and constant since our creation. Augmented reality was a decisive question in our story. Watched, tested, we offered it at our clients when the technology was stabilised and ready for a commercial use.The mobile devices(cell phones, tablets) opened new opportunities for designing original experiences.

2012 # integration of virtual reality

In the same way, virtual reality incorporated the Myoken’s skills. It uses the same real-time feature than augmented reality. It completed perfectly the range of our services.

2017 # set up of the VR escape game branch

In addition of our first marketing and events activities, we have developed a new activity : virtual reality video games for leasure activities businesses.

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